Are Pine Shavings Good for Horse Bedding?

Choosing bedding for your horses is a very important decision. The type of bedding you select is dependent on many factors, such as availability, cost, comfort, and safety.

From wood-based bedding to rice hulls, the options are numerous. However, of all the available choices for horse bedding, pine wood shavings are often deemed the best option.

Here are some benefits of using pine shavings for horse bedding:


Unpleasant odours are commonplace when you own animals such as horses. But pine wood contains oils that bond with the ammonia in animal waste to neutralize odour. In addition to having an odour-free stable, you will also find that pine shavings help to reduce the fly population in and around stalls, as flies and other pests are attracted to the smell that the waste produces. Wood shavings are also easy to clean, which makes stable maintenance less bothersome – and they can be composted.


Pine wood shavings provide a soft material on which horses can comfortably rest. This material also provides a barrier between horses and the ground, which can sometimes become cold at night, and helps horses to regulate body temperature.

Dried pine wood shavings are also pest resistant. Since pine shavings are highly absorbent, mites, ants, and other pests find it difficult to make a home in the bedding, thus making it more comfortable for horses.

Helps with respiratory health

Kiln drying is a process that involves dehydrating wood shavings in a chamber that removes not only moisture but also kills spores and bacteria. Using pine wood shavings that have been kiln-dried for horse bedding will help to improve the overall air quality in your stalls leading to the improved respiratory health of your horses.

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