FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I composite wood shavings?

Yes, shavings can be composted easily and break down quickly when added to an existing compost pile.

How to store horse wood shaving bedding?

Wood shavings are best stored in bales and wrapped on pallets. The benefit of buying baled wood shavings is the savings in space and storage longevity. Bulk shavings must be stored under cover in large piles, whereas bales can be compressed up to 4x and neatly stacked and wrapped in UV-resistant packaging. This means shavings can be stored outside and use up space more efficiently. 

Tips to choose wood shaving for your horse

The best way to choose shavings for your horse depends on how often they use their stall. A smaller and more absorbent flake might be best to reduce the volume of shavings used for more frequent use. However, you will give up on some of the comfort and aesthetic benefits of a medium or large flake. Medium flake shavings tend to be the perfect size for optimal absorbency, comfort, and value. Klassen has 10 cubic foot and 12 cubic foot medium flake bags and a 5 cubic foot Mini Flake bag. Plenty of options for your horse!

How often does wood shaving have to be changed?

Wood shavings are changed depending on the flake size and animal needs. Smaller flakes tend to clump better, and less gets carried away when removing waste. Larger flakes tend to be less absorbent but more comfortable and nicer looking in the stall. You can expect to change over your shavings between a couple of times every week to once or twice a month.

What is wood shaving used for?

Wood shavings are primarily used as a bedding substrate in stalls and trailers for horses and other livestock. Typically it is spread out on stall mats, concrete, or bare earth and is used to soften the ground and absorb animal waste for easy removal.