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What is the difference between screened and unscreened wood shavings?

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When it comes to creating a warm, comfortable living environment for your livestock, wood shavings are the way to go. However, when shopping around, you’ll likely come across two kinds – screened and unscreened wood shavings. If you’re a livestock owner in this position and are uncertain about the difference between the two and which option is the best for your livestock, keep reading to learn the answers.   Wood Shavings: Unscreened vs. Screened Unscreened shavings are wood shavings that come straight from the

How to Choose Wood Shavings for Your Horse

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As a horse owner, you only want what’s best for your animals. From feeding them the highest-quality feed to giving them plenty of exercise and creating a warm, comfortable and hygienic sleep environment, these are just a few ways to pamper your horses. When using wood shavings as bedding, it’s important to understand that not all wood products are created equal. Certain types of wood shavings are better than others. In this article, we will explain the different types of wood shavings for horses

What Are Dust-Free Wood Shavings?

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When it comes to creating a comfortable, hygienic environment for your livestock, wood shavings are the go-to option for many farmers and animal owners. However, not all animal shavings are created equal. Dust-free wood shavings are far superior to other options available and should always be your product of choice. In this article, we explain what dust-free shavings are and why you should consider them for your animals.   Dust-Free Wood Shavings, Explained Dust-free wood shavings are exactly what the name suggests – animal

How Long Does It Take for Wood Shavings to Decompose?

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Have you ever tried to compost wood shavings? Composted wood shavings turn into a rich, nutritious, organic growing medium for your garden. Wood shavings are an essential addition to any compost pile because they are a great source of carbon. Furthermore, their coarse texture prevents the pile from compacting, which encourages air and water to flow freely. However, you may be disappointed by how slow the process is. How Long Does It Take for Wood Shavings to Decompose? The natural decomposition of wood shavings

Horse Bedding Properties You Should Consider


As a horse owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your horses are healthy, comfortable and safe. One critical and often overlooked way to guarantee that your horses live long and healthy lives is to provide the best living conditions possible, including selecting appropriate horse bedding. There are numerous options, but some of the available bedding materials are not ideal. Be sure to evaluate all the options to choose the right bedding for your horses. Factors to Consider When Selecting Horse Bedding Here are

Horse Bedding Issues You Need to Monitor

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Finding comfortable bedding, while important, is not all you need to think about when choosing the best bedding for your horse. Some issues may affect your horse’s well-being if you don’t monitor the bedding regularly. Here are some common problems you can prevent by keeping an eye on your horse’s bedding: Too Much Dust Excessive dust in the bedding can irritate your horse’s respiratory tract. It can also exacerbate existing allergies and respiratory illnesses among horses and the people around them. You can avoid

Knowing the Difference Between Good and Bad Shavings for Horses

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Choosing the right wood shavings for horses is crucial in ensuring that they stay clean, dry and comfortable, and sleep in a healthy environment. Without proper bedding, your horses may get sick from dust, parasites and pathogens. There are several factors to consider when picking suitable wood shavings. This article discusses the various properties to look for in wood shavings and how to distinguish between good and bad options. Properties to Consider When Choosing Wood Shavings for Horses The following are some key elements

Which Bedding is Right for Your Small Animal?


Small animals, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, lizards and turtles, can be great pets. However, if you have not owned a small animal before, you may wonder what type of small pet bedding is best for your adorable friend. Small animals are different from dogs and cats. They need a cozy cage with soft bedding that gives them a secure place to sleep and nest. Below, we’ll discuss some of your best options. These beds keep your pet warm and comfortable, absorb waste,

Answers to Common Questions About Wood Shavings

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Wood shavings, once considered waste and useless, have become a part of our daily lives. To help you get a better understanding of this byproduct of timber, we look at some frequently asked questions about wood shavings. 1. What are the main uses of wood shavings? Wood shavings have many uses throughout the home, farm, and garden. These uses include: Animal bedding Gift packaging Fire starters Cat litter Insect repellant  2. What is the best kind of wood shavings to use as animal bedding?

Types of Animal Bedding and Their Benefits

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Bedding is not meant to act solely as a floor covering for your animals. Bedding should also provide them comfort and cushioning to create a good resting place, protect them from the cold and drafts and absorb moisture to keep them dry. Ensuring they have plenty of clean, fresh and comfortable bedding is one way to maintain your animal’s health and hygiene. Types of Animal Bedding There are several types of bedding you can choose for your animals. Knowing the differences, benefits and disadvantages can