As a horse owner, you only want what’s best for your animals. From feeding them the highest-quality feed to giving them plenty of exercise and creating a warm, comfortable and hygienic sleep environment, these are just a few ways to pamper your horses. When using wood shavings as bedding, it’s important to understand that not all wood products are created equal. Certain types of wood shavings are better than others.

In this article, we will explain the different types of wood shavings for horses and the features you should be looking for.

Why Wood Shavings Make the Best Horse Bedding

Premium screened pine wood shavings are the best product to use for horse bedding.

Not only do wood shavings create a soft, warm and comfortable sleeping environment for your horses, but they are also more hygienic than other products. This is because pine wood shavings have oils that bond with the ammonia in animal waste, which neutralizes foul odours and helps keep insects away.

When screened and kiln-dried, wood shavings can also prevent respiratory issues, as ​​this process helps to remove moisture and kills spores and bacteria.

What to Look for When Shopping for Wood Shavings

Always look for screened wood shavings that have been kiln-dried, heat-treated and contain very little dust. Avoid wood shavings that have not been screened, as they contain lots of harmful dust, debris and mould and can be unhygienic, which makes them unsuitable for use as livestock bedding.

The size of the wood flakes is also essential to consider. Wood shavings that have a smaller flake size are more absorbent and provide better odour control. However, larger flakes tend to be softer and more comfortable for your horses to sleep on. You will need to decide which is more important to you.

The Best Type of Wood Shavings for Horses

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