If you are reading this blog, you’re likely a horse enthusiast who understands the importance of ensuring the well-being of your equine companions.

In addition to proper nutrition and regular exercise, a horse’s living environment is crucial to its overall health. One often-overlooked element in maintaining optimal horse health is the bedding material in stalls. This blog post explores the science behind wood shavings as bedding and how this can significantly contribute to horses’ well-being.

Wood Shavings Are a Natural Choice

Wood shavings have emerged as a popular bedding choice for horse stalls, and for good reason. They are a natural and sustainable option, typically made from softwood species like pine or cedar. The natural aromatic properties of these wood types provide a pleasant scent and offer additional benefits for the health and comfort of horses.

Wood Offers Superior Moisture Management

Wood shavings absorb moisture, helping maintain a dry and comfortable environment for horses. Proper moisture management is crucial in preventing issues like thrush and fungal infections, often found in damp and dirty stalls.

Shavings Provide Cushioning and Support

Thanks to its fibrous structure, wood has natural flexibility. This flexibility gives shavings the springiness needed to provide a soft, supportive surface for horses to stand and lie on. This cushioning effect helps prevent injuries and supports joint health, particularly in older or arthritic horses.

Bedding Made from Shavings Is Ideal for Thermal Insulation

Wood shavings act as a natural insulator that helps regulate temperatures in the stall. Temperature regulation is especially beneficial in colder climates, as it prevents drafts and keeps the horses warm. In warmer weather, the bedding helps to dissipate heat, maintaining a comfortable environment.

Premium Wood Shavings Enhance Dust Control

High-quality wood shavings are screened to eliminate dust, thus minimizing the risk of respiratory issues in horses. Dust-free bedding promotes better respiratory health and overall well-being and is crucial for horses with allergies or sensitivities.

Horses Benefit from Behavioral Enrichment

Horses are naturally inclined to forage and explore. Wood shavings in the stall provide a substrate for natural behaviours, encouraging horses to paw, dig, and nest. These activities alleviate boredom and promote the contentment of your equine companions.

Where to Buy Wood Shavings

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