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Klassen Wood Co. is dedicated to offering the highest quality wood shavings products with enjoyable service and competitive prices. We do this by continually improving our production standards and raising the bar within the industry. Our goal is to serve our customers and do a little good along the way.

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Our shavings are derived from slow planed lumber mills using fresh high-quality timber. We work closely with each mill to maintain a reliable supply of clean, absorbent, and soft shavings in a variety of flake sizes.

Natural Wood Shavings | Klassen Wood Co.

Kiln-Dried & Heat Treated

Every load of shavings is thoroughly kiln-dried and heat-treated ensuring a low moisture content and maximum absorbency. This process enhances the health properties of our bedding by killing spores and ensuring there is no mold or pests.

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Dust Screened

The shavings are then screened to exacting specifications to eliminate dust and fines. Our screens are carefully selected to maximize loft, absorption and coverage. This process ensures that every bale is packed with even more of the finest flakes!

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All our wood shavings are palletized and wrapped in a UV resistant and weather protective layer that allows them to be stored outdoors for up to 2 years. All our packaging is LDPE Recyclable where facilities exist. We are continually searching for better ways to package our shavings using more sustainable and renewable ways of transporting.

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