Wood shavings are a popular choice for horse bedding as the product is affordable, soft, absorbent and dust-free. Stalls lined with wood shavings are also easy to muck out. Typically, horse bedding made from wood shavings can last for six months or longer before you must change it.

What can you do with used wood shavings?

When it comes time to change the bedding in your horse stalls, you could choose to hire a commercial composting company to remove it from your property, or you could reuse it. Below are ways you can reuse horse beddings.

1. Fertilize your gardens and pastures

Horse bedding mixed with manure can be composted and used to enrich soil and promote plant growth. The mixture is an ideal fertilizer for crops, gardens and greenhouses. But note, if you are composting used horse bedding on your farm, you must take special care to ensure that leachate (water that has come into contact with compost) does not make its way into streams, lakes and wells, as this can lead to bacterial contamination. Contained compost sites and barriers along waterways can help prevent contamination.

2. Sell your compost

Compost containing horse manure is highly sought after by gardeners and other small-scale farmers. If you decide to compost your horse bedding on your farm, you can make a tidy profit by bagging and selling the compost to locals.

However, to sell your bedding and manure mixture, you must ensure that the mixture has been well composted and doesn’t contain any weed seeds. Also, if your compost contains more bedding than manure, it will act more like mulch than compost, and mulch is not in high demand.

Where can you purchase wood shavings for horse bedding?

If it is time to clean out your used horse bedding to make room for fresh bedding, and you are searching for premium wood shavings, Klassen Wood Company has you covered.

At Klassen Wood Company, we offer the highest quality pine shavings at competitive prices. Our wood shavings are kiln dried and heat treated to ensure a low moisture content and maximum absorbency, and our process guarantees your horse bedding will be free of spores, pests and mold. All products are wrapped in weather-resistant packaging and can be stored inside or outside for up to two years.

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