When it comes to comfort for your equine family, bedding takes top priority. Selecting the right type of bedding will help to ensure that your horse is not only comfortable but also remains healthy and performs well.

Types of horse bedding to avoid

Over the years, different horse bedding options have become available. Based on cost and accessibility, persons may opt for options that are more convenient to them but not necessarily ideal for their horses.

Below are some types of horse bedding you should avoid:

Straw bedding

Straw is one of, if not, the most commonly used options for making bedding for horses. It is easily accessible, provides warmth and comfort, allows urine to pass through easily and is quite affordable. However, it is one of the most dangerous options for an owner to use. In its unprocessed form, straw contains large amounts of lignin fibre, which is completely indigestible for horses. It remains in their digestive systems, clogging it and leading to colic, and sometimes death. Even if your horses are properly fed, there is still the possibility of them consuming the straw as they rest, which is a risk not worth taking.

The high dust content found in straw is also of great danger to both horses and their stable managers. Over the years, studies have revealed that horses who are bedded on straw and who are fed non-steamed hay are at a greater risk of developing respiratory illnesses compared to horses who were bedded on shavings and fed steamed hay. You, as a stable manager or owner, may also be susceptible to respiratory illnesses due to the high dust content that is found in straw bedding.

Black walnut shavings

Black walnut shavings can cause hair loss, fever, skin irritation and even death in horses. Therefore, this type of bedding should be avoided at all cost

Cedar shavings

While cedar shavings provide a pleasant smell, this product is not suitable for horse bedding as the large oil content within the wood can irritate your horses’ lungs, leading to respiratory illness.

Safe bedding for horses

The best material to use for your horse’s bedding is pine. Pine shavings mask odours, have a high degree of absorbency and are mold, dust and spore free, which will result in your horses’ comfort and top performance.

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