Horses are beautiful, intelligent creatures that have been domesticated for over 5000 years.

If you own horses, whether, for leisure or business, you must ensure they have a suitable place to live. Below are a few things you will need to consider.


Not all horses require a stable. Some horse breeds have thick coats which allow them to withstand outdoor elements, but others need shelter. Even with hardy breeds, you may still require a stable for extreme weather conditions or if the animal is sick.

Stables should be properly constructed, leaving no protrusions or exposed surfaces that may cause injury. There should be adequate lighting to allow safe inspection and handling of horses, and windows should be large enough for proper ventilation to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. Your stable should also have enough room to give each horse ample space to lie down and move around without being jostled by the other horses that occupy the stable.


Exercise is essential to your horses’ well-being, so they should not be confined to a stable for the entire day unless recommended by a veterinarian. Having a pasture where they may stroll and graze for hours can tremendously improve their health. Ensure the pasture is surrounded by safe fencing, never barbed wire, to prevent the likelihood of injury during exercise.

Equine bedding

Another critical aspect of creating a suitable environment for your horses is bedding. The bedding in a stable provides support for your horses and creates a comfortable surface for them to rest. Bedding also helps prevent slip-and-fall accidents and injuries such as capped hocks and elbows.

While different materials can be used as bedding, wood shavings are widely viewed as the best, with pine shavings being the most popular choice. Pine shavings are readily available, affordable, and provide many benefits for your horses. Pine shavings are comfortable, moisture resistant, and absorb odours. Another benefit is that wood shavings help with pest control, as mites and other bugs do not find the material attractive.

Pine shavings for horses

At Klassen Wood Co., our shavings are produced from slow-planed lumber mills using high-quality timber. The shavings are then kiln-dried and treated to ensure maximum absorbency.

With years of experience in the industry, our team is ready to help you provide a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment for your horses. Call us today or visit our online store to view our products.