Owning an animal can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, requiring planning and research for their optimal care. The best place to start your research is where your animals will spend most of their time. The state of an animal’s living quarters significantly affects its well-being, and careful thought must go into selecting the right material to use for bedding.
If you have horses, cows, or smaller animals such as hamsters, there are many options available, but baled wood shavings are a superior choice. The advantages of using wood shavings for animal bedding include comfort, hygiene, and affordability.


Wood shavings create soft and body-conforming bedding on which animals can rest. Before getting used for bedding, the product goes through a screening process to remove sharp fragments that can cause discomfort or harm to your animals. As the shavings are packaged, they pass through a filtration system to ensure dust that may affect your animal’s respiratory system is removed from the product before it reaches the stall.


Stables, barns, and cages often have unpleasant odours causing discomfort for you and your animals, or worse, toxic ammonia build-up. Wood shavings are naturally absorbent, helping to mask those smells and concentrate animal waste build-up for easy removal. The material is also put through a unique drying process, eliminating any spores or excess moisture, protecting the wood from the growth of mould.


You can purchase high-quality wood shavings at affordable prices because packaging them into bales creates a product that is easy to transport and store. Wood is also slow to deteriorate, which means that you will need to make fewer orders over time, saving money in the long run. Their convenient package size and compression down to four times smaller than in bulk form saves you space while storing more fresh bedding for your animals.

Baled wood shavings are the industry standard for safe, clean, and affordable bedding.

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