If you are searching for quality horse bedding that is easy to transport and store, you should consider compressed baled shavings.

What is a compressed bale?

Compression is the process of reducing in size by applying pressure. For example, you have a bag that is meant to hold 12 pieces of clothing. But after you have folded the clothes and applied pressure to the bag and items, you can pack 24 pieces of clothing. The bag will look the same on the outside but will hold more than before. A similar process is used for compressing stable bedding.

Bulk, uncompressed shavings are taken and pressed together, usually in a 3:1 ratio, meaning you get three times the shavings in a bag. The compressed product is then removed after a period of time, spread out and re-measured. It is this expanded volume that is displayed on the packaging.

Cubic feet vs. cost

A bag of compressed baled shavings will give you far more product than that of a loose-filled bag. A customer may be able to purchase a loose-filled bag of shavings for less than a compressed bag of the same size. However, considering the amount of compressed product that can fit in a bag, they would save more by having to purchase fewer compressed bags.

It is, therefore, important when purchasing bedding that you focus not only on the price per package but also the expanded volume for each bag. By knowing the price per package and the expanded volume you can then determine the price per cubic foot expanded.

Compressed baled shavings in the Fraser Valley

If you need premium wood shavings in the Fraser Valley or Greater Vancouver, contact us at Klassen Wood Co.

At Klassen Wood Co., we have always been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality wood shavings that will serve as comfortable bedding for your equine family. We are aware that you have many options to choose from in purchasing shavings, but our compressed baled shavings will provide you with far more bang for your buck.

Our shavings are derived from slow planed lumber mills using fresh, high-quality timber. Every load of shavings is thoroughly kiln-dried and heat-treated, ensuring a low moisture content and maximum absorbency. This process also kills spores and rids the product of mold and pests. The shavings are then screened to eliminate dust and sharp pieces and placed in UV resistant and weather protective packaging that can be stored outdoors for up to 2 years.

Call us to learn more about our compressed baled shavings or shop online today.