Wood shavings, once considered waste and useless, have become a part of our daily lives. To help you get a better understanding of this byproduct of timber, we look at some frequently asked questions about wood shavings.

1. What are the main uses of wood shavings?

Wood shavings have many uses throughout the home, farm, and garden. These uses include:

  • Animal bedding
  • Gift packaging
  • Fire starters
  • Cat litter
  • Insect repellant 

2. What is the best kind of wood shavings to use as animal bedding?

Different wood shavings can be used as animal bedding, and each kind has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice will depend on the type of animal and your personal preference. However, many people prefer medium-sized pine shavings because they provide a perfect balance of comfort, absorbency, and dust level, while providing value for money. Pine shavings also contain odour masking oils and antibacterial properties. 

3. Are bulk wood shavings suitable for animal bedding?

 Bagged wood shavings are generally higher quality than bulk wood shavings. Bulk wood shavings are not screened and are not subject to quality control, so they contain high amounts of debris and dust that may be harmful to your animal’s health. At Klassen Wood Company, we highly recommend using bagged wood shavings for animal bedding. 

4. What is the difference between primary-processed and secondary-processed wood shavings? 

Primary-processed wood shavings are derived directly from processing raw wood. On the other hand, secondary-processed wood shavings are derived from previously processed wood products such as floorings, mouldings, and treated timber. These secondary shavings should not be used as animal bedding, as they may contain varnishes, adhesives, or other chemicals that may harm your animal.

5. Why is the wood kiln-dried before it is processed into shavings? 

Wood is kiln-dried before it is processed to reduce its moisture content to below 19%. This process helps to eliminate mould, bacteria, and pests that can affect your animal’s health. All Klassen Wood Company wood shavings undergo kiln drying to ensure low moisture content and maximum absorbency. 

6. Are you looking to buy wood shavings?

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