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Cedar wood is native to the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean region, the Pacific Northwest, and the western Himalayas. For centuries, from the expansion of humanity, cedar wood has been a favourite of many nations for its multiple uses in the construction of beautiful, lasting furniture pieces, pencils, interior and exterior building materials, and other products.

Cedar wood is an extremely versatile material. Even its shavings have multiple uses, including the following:

Animal bedding

Pet bedding, especially for dogs, often attracts fleas and ticks. Mixing cedar shavings in with the filler of your pet beds can help keep fleas and ticks away. As a bonus, cedar shavings will also help keep your pet beds smelling fresher for longer, and the material is soft and comfortable. Cedar shavings are an excellent choice of bedding for many animals, however, it can be harmful or irritating to some smaller animals. Depending on your pet, it would be wise to consult your veterinarian before using this product to ensure it’s safe for them.

Cat litter

Cedar is also a suitable option for cat litter. This product can consist solely of cedar shavings or cedar shavings in combination with other materials. Cedar shavings are ideal for cat excreta as the material is highly absorbent. The strong smell from the waste can also be masked by the distinct but pleasant smell of the cedar shavings. Cedar shavings as cat litter is an eco-friendly option as well since the material is biodegradable.

Landscaping and potted plants

Cedar shavings can be used for landscaping and as support material for potted plants. In landscaping, cedar wood shavings can be used to refresh, enhance, or create a deliberate space. Using cedar shavings on a property can make an aesthetic statement. Regarding potted plants, cedar shavings can be used to support the topsoil and also as mulch to add moisture and nutrients to the plants.

Natural Insect Repellent

The aroma given off by cedar shavings is a natural repellent to insects, such as termites, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other pests like rodents that may cause harm to your living spaces and surroundings.

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