The primary purpose of equine bedding is to absorb moisture and toxic ammonia odours emitted from urine and manure. Bedding should also provide comfort and cushioning for your horses to reduce the risk of injury.

In determining how much bedding you need for your horses, you must consider the following factors.

The needs of your horses

Each horse’s needs are different. Any special conditions must be taken into account. Horses confined to a stall because of age, injury or arthritis will need more bedding than horses that spend a lot of time in the fields. Extra bedding is necessary to absorb larger amounts of urine and moisture as these animals will spend more time in the stalls.

Horses with joint issues will relish the extra support the cushioned floors provide.


The type of floor in a stall will impact the amount of bedding your horses will need. Stalls floored with dirt or concrete tend to use more bedding than a stall with mat flooring.

The type of bedding

The type of bedding selected will help determine how much will be needed. Many bedding options are available, including pine shavings, fir, straw, pellets and paper bedding. Each type of bedding offers different levels of cushioning and absorption. You may need more of one type than another.

Pine shavings are a popular choice for bedding as they are readily available, soft and highly absorbent. Also, stalls with wood shavings are easy to muck out.

A stall with floor mats usually requires 6 to 8 inches of shavings from wall to wall. Make sure you spread out bedding in all corners and along the walls for proper coverage. To determine the amount of material you need, multiply the stall’s length by width by the height you wish the shavings to reach. A stall measuring 12 by 12 feet will require at least 72 cubic feet of shavings.

Where to buy pine shavings for horse bedding

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Every load of shavings is thoroughly kiln-dried and heat-treated, ensuring a low moisture content and maximum absorbency. This process kills spores and ensures the bedding is free of mold and pests. The shavings are then pelletized and wrapped in weather-resistant packaging you can store outdoors for up to 2 years.

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