4 Everyday Uses for Wood Shavings | Klassen Wood Co.Wood shavings are a waste product derived from planing and shaping wood with carpentry tools. Although shavings are considered waste, they don’t always have to be set aside. Wood shavings are extremely versatile and there are numerous ways you can use them around your home and garden or on your farm.

The following are some ways you can use wood shavings:

Start a fire with wood shavings

Whether you are trying to start a small fire or a bonfire, wood shavings are great fire starters. They can also help your fire burn longer. Note, though, that you should use completely dry shavings, as this will help minimize smoke.

Pack your gifts using shavings

If you are thinking of sending a gift basket, you don’t need to use bubble wrap or other synthetic materials. You can use shavings to fill your basket instead. Shavings are beautiful and can help protect fragile items from damage during transportation.

Use composted shavings as mulch in your garden

If you are looking to improve the soil in your garden, you can use wood shavings as mulch. However, it is essential to compost the shavings before using them as mulch since fresh shavings pull a significant amount of nitrogen from the soil, hindering plant growth.

Composted shavings can help the soil retain moisture, prevent frost build-up during winter, suppress weed growth, improve soil structure and improve the soil’s nutrient capacity.

Use wood shavings for animal bedding

Shavings are great for animal bedding since they absorb moisture and odour, help repel bugs and fleas, and material is affordable, compostable and biodegradable. Shavings are often used for horse bedding but can also be used for other farm animals and certain pets.

It is crucial to ensure that the material is free from sharp pieces and dust to prevent injury or respiratory issues. Additionally, lay the shavings out evenly to ensure comfort for your animal. Avoid using black walnut shavings for horse bedding as it contains toxins that can be absorbed through the hooves.

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