An excellent stable manager is one who thinks of all the possible needs of the horses under his or her care and seeks to meet those needs. Having the right kind of bedding is an essential aspect of a horse’s overall well-being and performance.

What to consider

There are several options that you can choose from when purchasing bedding for your horses. Some of these are shredded paper, straw, peat moss and wood shavings. Before buying bedding for your horses, you should keep the following things in mind:


Your horses’ safety and health should be your first concern when choosing bedding for their stable. So, make sure that the material is free from toxins and not prone to mold growth. Note also that bedding that tends to be dusty can create severe health risks in horses that may have respiratory illnesses.


Ensure that the bedding you choose can be easily accessed. It would also be helpful if there is an option to have the material delivered to you by the supplier.


In the equine world, the use of bedding is primarily to absorb urine and moisture. Therefore, bedding that has a high absorbency is the best option. Using high-absorbency material will limit the chance of mold build-up and lessen the likelihood of your bedding being heavy or wet with urine during disposal.


To cut costs and the probability of running out of bedding, buying in large quantities is a wise option. In that case, you must find a material that is durable and easy to store either indoors or outdoors.


Knowing how and where to get rid of your soiled bedding is crucial. If the material you select is not biodegradable or if you choose not to compost the soiled bedding, you may require regular removal.


When selecting bedding for your horses, you must consider initial costs as well as additional expenses. Certain bedding materials may require you to purchase special handling equipment, for instance. You should also consider costs for removal.

Although cost is an important factor to consider, effectiveness, quality and safety should take precedence over saving a few bucks.

Time to buy

Wood shavings are the most popular option for horse bedding because the material is highly absorbent and masks odours. This material is also affordable and biodegradable, produces little dust and increases comfort for stabled horses.

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