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How to Succeed at Livestock Auctions

For vendors coming away from a livestock auction with a sale, there is usually a feeling of fulfilment, knowing that all the work that went into preparing their animals was rewarded.

Livestock auctions are known by a variety of names, including auction barns and livestock exchanges. But they all provide the same service: an excellent place to showcase and sell livestock such as pigs, sheep and cattle. It is always fascinating to see buyers bid with much enthusiasm on the variety of breeds, shapes and sizes of animals that are up for sale.

If you are new to selling livestock at auction, the process can seem overwhelming. But there are simple things you can do to ensure success.

Provide high-quality livestock

What would an auction be without the animals on show? But you can’t offer just any animal for sale. The animals must be of a certain quality to satisfy the demands of consumers. Livestock on display should be able to wow buyers so that purchases are guaranteed.

Therefore, it’s incumbent on sellers to invest time and energy into preparing the animals for the auction stage. Necessities such as a proper diet and a clean and comfortable environment will prove crucial to ensure that the best animals are brought to auction. Potential buyers tend to favour sellers that have built up a profile of reliability and consistency.

Utilize white pine shavings during the auction process

Another way to ensure success at a livestock auction is by using an attractive staging area. For this, white pine shavings can provide the required pomp and pageantry that will make the animals look more robust and beautiful as they are displayed during the process.

Are you searching for a white pine shavings supplier?

If you need white pine shavings for a livestock auction, contact us at Klassen Wood Co.

At Klassen Wood Co., we offer the highest quality wood shavings with competitive prices and excellent service, and the Alpine Flake white pine shavings we offer are second to none. This product stands apart from other shavings as the fluffiest, lightest and the brightest. The all-natural flakes, harvested from the best timber, are enough to make any livestock stand out at auction.

Thinking about using Alpine Flake white pine shavings during your next livestock auction? Order online today or give us a call to learn more about our products. Our team of professionals is ready and willing to help you with your selection.

Klassen Wood Co.

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